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Gregg Allman ~ Annapolis Rams Head on Stage ~ stacy richardson photography

What an amazing show tonight, words can not describe the talent this man has. I basically stood there with my jaw open wide the whole night, the man has seasoned with age like a fine wine. Rams Head on Stage knocks it out of the park again, bringing in the most incredible artists around. Please enjoy a few images I was able to take during the show.

Kristen Cochran -

Just saw these pictures again – I think I already commented on them, but in case not, you are a fine photographer Stacy!

admin -

Thank you so much Kristen! He is an amazing musician!

Brad Smith -

Great images of an amazing artist! I enjoy following your work – keep it up!

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Birmingham Wedding Photography Finalists

First of all I want to thank each and every person who entered the free wedding photography contest.  It was so incredibly hard for us to narrow down the top three finalists for this contest.  I loved reading over each and every love story and I want to personally tell you how much I appreciate them.  I wish that I could photograph EVERY wedding entry I got  but unfortunately we had to narrow it down to three and then open it up to the voters.  I am so thankful that I don’t have to pick the winner because I really want to photograph all three of these weddings. So here are the rules:

1) If you have a facebook account GO to my facebook page here:

 and LIKE our page.

Once you have liked my facebook page  come back here and vote for your favorite couple.

There will only be one vote allowed per person (Poll Daddy monitors this)

 If you are having trouble with facebook you can just vote here but you will not be updated via facebook as the contest progresses. It is important that you stay updated so that you can ask as many friends and family to vote as possible.  I will be posting daily (sometimes hourly) updates so you will need to be in the loop to see how the votes are going and if you need to ask more people to vote for your couple. You will not be able to see the results until the end so keep checking in on facebook.

3) Leave some blog love in the comments section below for your favorite couple.  It is always fun to hear from your family and friends who are voting!

Thanks for choosing my winner for me!  I just couldn’t bear it!

Kendon and I first met Kendon in fall 2009, while working towards my degree. I took an internship opportunity at a paper mill called Packaging Corporation of America, and moved from a college town with an estimated population of 53,000 to the much smaller Counce, TN with approximately 2,500 people. Even in such a small town, I noticed how different Kendon was from everyone else. He was respected by everyone around him and he also had the utmost respect for others.  He was the absolute definition of a true southern gentleman. The kind that you can only find in stories like Gone With the Wind.

Kendon and I are both avid college football fans, so it didn’t take long for us to discover the rivalry between us.  Kendon graduated from Mississippi State University in 2004, and with me being a student at Auburn, football season was sure to be a challenge! Especially when Auburn played Mississippi State in the opening SEC game.  With the game closely approaching, the rivalry between us grew, with both of us taking sides and talking smack to the other about whose team was going to win.  Our first ‘unofficial’ date was when we hung out to watch our teams play against each other. Luckily for him, my team won, because otherwise, that might have been the end of it. From that day on, our relationship continued to grow, giving us many opportunities for more football games. Kendon is such a gentleman that he always roots for my Tigers, unless, of course they are playing his Bulldogs.

Their love story continued and on September 9th,  2011, early in the morning Kendon planned a sunrise surprise hot air balloon ride over Birmingham where he asked Amanda to marry him, and she of course said yes!

I met my love when I was in the fourth grade. I was only 11 years old and he was 19 years old. He was a family friend of my sister’s and he would come with us to the lake with all of her friends. He winked at me after taking me for a ride on the sea-doo, not in any weird/romantic way, after I had thanked him for taking me on a ride. He stole my heart that day. Of course he never knew until about 2 years ago because he was so much older than me and ended up being my youth pastor for four years. Watching him date other people killed me even though I knew there was no way he would even take one look my way. He was my one person that every girl has, the one crush you know you will never get  due to circumstances.

 When Cham moved to Seattle in January of 2009, I was a Junior at the University of Alabama, 21 years old, and finally wanting to get over my crush after TEN years of secretly loving him. Everyone knew but him. My friends would always joke with me about him and laugh at how ridiculous the situation really was for me. So when he left for Seattle, I typed him a message telling him how i’ve felt all this time and sent it to finally get over my forever long crush. My roommate at the time almost died laughing when I actually hit the send button. After I sent the message, no response, for a year and a half! Then one day he decided to skype with me and we began to talk every day for hours at a time. I had no idea what was going on but I did not object to his obvious pursuit of me. A couple of days later he told me I was the one for him and asked me if I felt the same way. I said, “YES, for what seems like forever now!!!” We started dating June 4, 2010 and he just now proposed to me December 10, 2011, not only did he propose but he proposed at the exact place where we plan to be married. I was in complete shock and kept telling him, “STOP IT,” as he was trying to propose. I was even in jeans in a t-shirt because I clearly had no clue he was ready to ask me to marry him. I am here to say I am marrying the guy of my dreams….literally!

They started there relationship just friends and Jeane  dreaming with girlfriends about “who could you see yourself marrying one day”. After a missions trip to Italy…

(JEANE) and after about three months of hanging out with mutual friends, it became very obvious that he had intentions to be more than just friends. Finally, in December 2010, he sat me down and explained that he had been interested in dating me for the previous five months.  There was just one problem: we both had a desire to go back to Italy as part of a missional team with Campus Crusade and, the organization’s policy is that dating couples are not allowed to be on the same missional team.  With that in mind, we had to figure out what to do next. It was so clear that we needed to pursue our relationship, but we were both also so sure that we were going back to Italy.  After talking through as many different options as possible, Rob was so gracious and sacrificial and decided he would stay in America while I could go back to Salerno just so we could date. , Fast forward through seven months of dating and I had to step onto a plane to head to a different continent without him.  There is no question it was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. After only being here in Salerno for a couple months, I wanted nothing more than to have him come visit me.  Like an answered prayer, my parents decided to come visit this December and invited Rob to come along

I (ROB) had known that Jeane Carroll was the girl I would spend the rest of my life with and had already had an engagement ring for over two months.  With her parents offering to let me come along with them to see Jeane Carroll, there was no way that I could refuse.  I already had everything planned out for when I was going to propose to Jeane Carroll next March and could not wait to get back to Salerno to scope all of the potential proposal spots out.  Luckily (or unluckily), I found out when I asked for time off from work to visit Jeane Carroll this December that I probably would not be able to fly to Salerno in the Spring.  Within a matter of days, I made up my mind that I would ask Jeane Carroll to marry me when I visited in December with her parents.  After talking to her father, the plan was set to propose to her on her birthday, December 4.  We were arriving in Salerno on December 3rd, and I knew exactly where and when I was going to do it.  Again, there was only one problem; I then had to sit on a plane for over ten hours with an engagement ring in my pocket. Instead of sleeping on the plane, I spent the entire flight thinking how truly blessed I was to marry my best friend. Sometime during hour seven of this, somewhere over Holland to be exact, I decided that I could not stand to wait any longer.  It had been almost three months since I had seen Jeane Carroll.  There was nothing more I wanted to do the second I saw her than to tell her I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her.  As soon as we got to Salerno, I could not wait to get off by ourselves so I could finally stop trying to hide the ring.

Moments after he arrived in Italy he could wait no longer and asked her to marry her out on the terrace in Italy and she obviously said YES! (photo above was taken right after she said yes)

Congratulation to all my couples who entered.  It was so fun reading through stories into the wee hours last night. Please make sure you take time to vote below. Voting will end on Dec 24, 2011 at 11:59pm. I can’t wait to see who wins!

Virginia -

I’m voting for Courtney and Chamblee! What a sweet, sweet story!

Kristen -

Courtney and cham!!!!

Ashley -

Jeane and rob!

gracie -

Courtney and Cham!

Ginny -

Cham and Courtney…awesome story!

Emily -

Hooray for Jeane Carroll and Rob!!! Can’t wait for them to be together forever…on the same continent!!

Jessica Reed -

My vote is for Jeane and Rob!

Tyndal Hall -

Jeane Carroll has my vote!

Laura -

Jeane Carrol & Rob !!

Rachel -


Laura Touchstone -

Jeane & rob

Mary -

Jeanie & rob!!!

Elizabeth -

There is nothing sweeter than waiting 10+ years for the love of your life. There story has been writing itself for years. Courtney and Cham!! Good Luck!

Lindsey Wingo -

Cham and Courtney!

Amy -

I’m voting for Courtney & Cham :)

heather -

Courtney & Cham! Good luck cuz! Love you!

Cynthia -

Courtney and Cham!

Katelyn -

Jeanne Carrol and Rob!

Nicole Waldrop -

Courtney & Cham!! I love yall(:

Lyn -

Cham and Courtney!!!

Trish hackney -

Cham and Courtney !!

Tash -


Donna -

Most definitely Jeane Carrol & Rob!

Evan Nicolosi -

Jeanie and Rob are the sexiest couple on the face of the universe!!!! I AM SO PROUD OF MY J&R love-buddies! VOTE FOR THEM…I’ll give you a cookie.

Sara Beth -

Jeane & Rob definitely deserve it! They are the cutest couplr and will make quite the perfect bride and groom!

Michele -

Courtney and Cham!!!!

Ryan -

Courtney and Cham…love it

Jason -

Vote Jeane Carroll and Rob!!

Vicki Martin -

So excited for you two – Rob and Jeanne Carroll

Laura -

Courtney and Cham!!! Such a wonderful love story!

Sandra -

Courtney & Cham !

Kristi -

Courtney and Cham!

Madison -

Cham & courtney!!!

Meghan gallimore -

Courtney and Chamblee have the best story!! Plus courtney is such a sweetheart :)

earl -

Courtney and cham

Kristin Mitchell -

Cham and Courtney!!!

Mandy -

Courtney and Cham!!

Deborag Pugatch -

Courtney & Cham… Ive known both forever. I remember whaen Courtney was saved. I remember Cham as my youth pastor. Love them both.

Rick Bearden -

Courtney and Cham!!

Victoria -

Rob and Jeane!!

Stephanie -

Voting for Courtney and Cham!

jason (courtney was my RA) -

courtney and cham!

sherry jordan -

COURTNEY AND CHAM!! Two beautiful spirits of our God. So thankful you two are together

Summer brooks -

Cham and courtney :). I remember holding courtney as a baby…cant believe shes getting married but it couldnt be to a nicer guy…so happy for them both!!

Bruce Johnson -

Courtney & Cham!!

Brianne Prater -

Having known both Courtney and Cham for many years, I can’t help but vote for their beautiful love story!

Katie Horn -

Courtney and Cham!!:) their story is like a fairy tale, soo very romantic!:)

Ashley -

Cham and Courtney! He was such a nice coworker and he bragged for months about how in love he was with his gf. Hes absolutely smitten :)I I couldn’t think of two ppl who deserve it more!

Abbie Guffin -

Courtney & Cham!!! :)

Katie -


Ashley -

I LOVE Amanda and Kendon’s Story!! SO Cute!

Tabitha Barnett -


Catherine t -

Courtney & Cham!

Stephanie -

Courtney and Cham!!!

Lyndsey Estes -

Courtney and Cham… my vote! Love y’all!

Melissa -

Courtney and Cham

Brittany Pelfrey -

Cham and Courtney!!!!!

linz -

Court and cham!!!!!!!

April -

Courtney and cham has my vote

Barbara -

Courtney & Cham

Erin S -

cortney & cham!!!

Jerica -

Courtney and Cham

Kellie -

Jeane & Rob!

Angellica -

Voting for Courtney and Cham

Johnny osborn -

my vote for Courtney & Cham
what a great story GOOD LUCK

alli -

cham & courtney!!!!

Graham Guffin -

Courtney and cham!

Angel -

Amanda and Kendon:) I love y’all!!

Autumn -

Amanda & Kendon. :)

Andrea -

Courtney & Cham!!

debbie -

Courtney and cham

andrew -

Courtney and Cham!! wahoo congratulations!!

Mandi Adams -

Cham and Courtney!!!!!!

Molly -

Courtney and Cham!

Hannah -

LOVE Amanda and Kendon!!

Sherri B -

Cham and Courtney! Praying this is one of many rich blessings God has in store for you both!

Mary Kathleen -

Jeanie and Rob!!! Jeanie and Rob!!!

Ricky Jackson -

jeane carroll and rob

Robin -

Jeane and Rob are so perfectly deserving of this….

Hannah -

Jeane Carroll & Rob

Tamica Simone -

Cham and Courtney!!!

Kirk -

Jean & rob

Nicole -

Cham & Courtney!!!

Aurilee Payne -

Congrats to Amanda and Kendon! I have known Amanda since she was a little deserve this!

Barbthimas -

I vote for Jeane and Rob

Graham -

¡Courtney & Cham!

Hannah -

Jeane and Rob has my vote.

Colton -

Rob and Jeane are 2 incredible people. Vote for them

Candace -

Courtney and Cham! <3

Lacey Bowen -

Courtney & Cham!

Matt Hinds -

Jeane Carroll and Rob

Liz Gonzalez -

I am voting for Amanda and Kendon!

Alex -

Courtney & Cham!! You guys deserve it! :)

Shannon W -

Cham and Courtney!!

angela -

Cham & courtney

Sarah -

Courtney and Cham!

Theresa -

Jeane and Rob!

Janna Bearden -

Courtney and Cham!

Maggie -

I vote for Courtney and Cham!!!

Blurp -

Amanda and kendon

Haleigh -

Amanda * Kendon!!! <3 desearve it totaly!!!!!!! <3 <3 <#

Courtney -

Courtney and Cham!!!!!!!!!!

hannah -

Cham and courtney!

Sarah -

Courtney and Cham!!

brandy vance -

courtney and cham .

Tricia -

Courtney and Cham!

Diana Loewen -

Courtney and Cham!!

sir naruto -

cham and courtney

megan -

Courtney and cham

Christie McRae -

I voted for Cham & Courtney!

Tara -

Courtney and Cham!!!!

Michaela -

Cham and Courtney :)

Sarah -

Courtney and Chamblee for sure!

Meghan Sawyer -

Voting for Cham & Courtney!! Best Wishes!

Lauren Justiss -

Jeane Carrol and Rob

Katie -

Rob and Jeane

juli. -

Courtney and Chan!!!

Michelle -

Courtney and Cham all the way! 😀

Wrenn -

Jeane Carroll is a sweet, amazing, funny, and all around good person!! I love her to death and she defnally deserves this!!

Morgam -

Jeane and Rob!!

Paige -

Jeane and Rob!

Steele -

JEANE CARROLL AND ROB FO SHO! I mean look at that pic you cant say no to that. Its meant to be!

Katrina Jett -

Courtney and Cham!!

Carrie -

Jeanie and Rob!!! Fo’ sho!!!

cindy huie -

Voting for Cham and Courtney

candace -

Courtney and cham!!

Brooke -

Rob and Jeane

Richelle -

Voting for Jeane and Rob

Selena -

Voting for Cham and Courtney..

Melinda -

Cham and Courtney

Emily Ooten -

Courtney and Cham <3 Good luck!!

Beth Glenn -

Cham and Courtney!! Met him when he led our youth camp last summer, knew he was in love just hearing him say her name!

Terilyn Whitton -

Voting for Cham & Courtney.

David Gould -

Rob and Jeane

Rachel Gould -

Jeane and Rob

Michael -

Jeane and Rob

Hannah -

Jeane and Rob

Amy Brower -

Courtney and Cham

Kristi McGuff -

Rob and Jeane

Henry Ard -

definitely Courtney and Cham!

Jamie -

Sweet Courtney and Cham!!!!

Carmen Bates -

Cham & Courtney

Jennifer Holloway -

Jeane and Rob!!!!

Anita -

Courtney & Cham!!

Daryl -

Congrats Amanda and Kendon! Amanda and Kendon!

Jennifer -

Cham & Courtney!!!



Faith Harper -

Cham and Courtney!

Nunzia -

Jeane and Rob!!!

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Free Wedding Photography Contest ~ Birmingham Alabama Wedding Photographer

Yes you read that correctly! I am giving away ONE FREE WEDDDING PHOTOGRAPHY SERVICE to ONE COUPLE in 2012.

As a professional photographer, I have been blessed by being able to do something I love on a daily basis. I love using the gifts I have been given to capture priceless images on a couples wedding day.  A precious day when two people will commit to love and cherish one another for a lifetime. A day that will go by fast and some of the only memories left will be in photographs for generations to come.

Back in 2009 I decided to give away free wedding photography to one fantastic couple that not only won over my heart with their story,  but the hearts of my readers.

It was such an amazing experience to give GABE AND JEFF a lifetime gift at no charge to them.

You can read about those  finalists here: FINALISTS

I loved having the opportunity to be able to give my time and my talents to a couple that may not have been able to get a photographer that they loved.

In the spirit of Christmas and the season of giving, I am going to step out of my own little world again and hopefully touch the lives of a sweet couple again.

Stacy Richardson as your photographer

8 hours of wedding day coverage

DVD of all high resolution images

Travel within 200 miles from Birmingham, AL.

(If you live outside this area, and you want to enter, I will travel if you are willing to pay my travel fees).

Anyone can enter.

They just have to be engaged, have a love story and be getting married in 2012.

Family and Friends can also nominate a couple for the free wedding, you just have to let us know about the couple and why you think they should have a free wedding photographer.

If you would like to enter yourselves or nominate a couple please email:


Subject: Free Wedding

Please include:

Names of Couple

Why you think the couple should win the free wedding photography contest.

Wedding Date and location

Photograph of the couple to use on our blog and facebook.

Couples must be getting married sometime in 2012 and have a set date and location.

You must send in a story about why this couple would merit a free wedding along with a recent photo of the couple.

 You must be willing to allow me to photograph your wedding (kind of a no brainer but just thought I would make sure).

Wedding must take place within 200 miles of Birmingham, AL (if outside of 200 miles you must be willing to pay travel expenses)

 Couple must agree to have their photographs posted on my website and Facebook Page.

Email your story and photo to:


(Dec-1 thru Dec17 at midnight) I will be collecting nominations.

 On Dec 16th I will be posting the finalists on my facebook page and blog.

 On Dec 16th voting will open up to the public to vote for the remaining  finalists. 

 Dec 24 at midnight voting will end.

 DEC 25th ON CHRISTMAS DAY– I will personally call the winner to let them know they’ve won.

This phone call was by far my favorite moment the last time I did this.

I called Gabe and Jeff on New Years day and I heard them  SCREAM at the top of their LUNGS that they had won.

I can’t wait to see where this adventure will take us this year and I am hoping to make a difference in the lives of a special couple this year.

Start getting your stories in now!! I can’t wait!

Stacy Richardson


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Southern Weddings Weekly Round-Up « Southern Weddings Magazine -

[…] Stacy Richardson Photography is hosting a fab giveaway! She’s giving away free wedding day coverage to a lucky couple near Birmingham, Alabama. Check out her blog for more details and do it soon before the contest closes on December 15! Have a terrific weekend my friends! xo Nicole December 9, 2011 | view Nicole's blog 0 viewcomments hidecomments What doy'all think? tweet this post onfacebook Southern Weddings reserves the right to delete comments which contain profanity or personal attacks or seek to promote a business unrelated to the post.  And remember: a good attitude is like kudzu – it spreads.  We love hearing your sweet thoughts! + […]

admin -

IF you got an email saying my mailbox was full. I am working on fixing this. You will need to resubmit your entries if you got that email. Thank you for your patience sorry about that!


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