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Sara & Clay Lake Martin Wedding

0014 0045 0001 0008 0020 0059 0094 0095 0113 0116 0119 0166 0168 0178 0196 0212 0282 0287 0322 0324 0326 0329 0336 0374 0377 0392 0405 0410 0412 0461 0427 0464 0465 0490 0566 0635 0638 0709 0781 0794 0816 0825 0826 0833 0835 0840 0844 0879 0884 0928 0965 0984 0957 0985 1004 1054 1089 1124 1144 1154 1221 1157 1230 1232 What a joy to celebrate this sweet marriage with Sara & Clay. From the moment I met Sara at our initial meeting I knew that I would love her & Clay dearly.  I loved working with AK Brides on this wedding. She pays such close attention to her clients and always make sure they are well taken care of. Sara & Clay, I look forward to many years of following your love story and appreciate you trusting me with your wedding day images. You can also find their wedding in Alabama Weddings Magazine this year as well as a few  other upcoming publications.

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Kelli + Daniel Taylor Photography, LLC -

This is a simply stunning wedding. The photos are full of emotion, gorgeous photo color and fabulous details. Congratulations to the beautiful couple and the entire wedding team.

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Lake Martin Bridal Portraits

Lake Martin Bridal Portraits03 Lake Martin Bridal Portraits01 Lake Martin Bridal Portraits02 Lake Martin Bridal Portraits05 Lake Martin Bridal Portraits04 Lake Martin Bridal Portraits06 Lake Martin Bridal Portraits09 Lake Martin Bridal Portraits08 Lake Martin Bridal Portraits10 Lake Martin Bridal Portraits11 Lake Martin Bridal Portraits14 Lake Martin Bridal Portraits13 What a beautiful afternoon spent with Sara, her mom & Anita Kanelis (Sara’s planner).  There was a sweet sense of peace as I pulled into their long driveway to find a beautiful log home built by her family on a the lake. With cows to the left of me and trees to the right, I knew we were in for a beautiful bridal portrait session.  Stay tuned for wedding images in the coming weeks as they were just married last weekend.

Denise Blum Lewis -

These are beautiful. Thank you Stacy!

Kathy Thomason -

So beautiful!

Denise De George Alvarez -


Janice Broda Weinstein -

A beautiful bride in a beautiful setting…can’t wait to see more!

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Heidi Elnora Atilier

Heidi Elnora Atilier14 Heidi Elnora Atilier16 Heidi Elnora Atilier11 Heidi Elnora Atilier05 Heidi Elnora Atilier10 Heidi Elnora Atilier09 Heidi Elnora Atilier07 Heidi Elnora Atilier08 Heidi Elnora Atilier06 Heidi Elnora Atilier04 Heidi Elnora Atilier03 Heidi Elnora Atilier02 Heidi Elnora Atilier12 Heidi Elnora Atilier01 I have absolutely loved getting to know Heidi Elnora and her fantastic creative team over at the new Heidi Elnora Atilier. Heidi is the most genuine designer I have ever met and her team of stylists are incredibly in tune to trends and current styles leading the industry in wedding attire. If you are looking for a wedding gown please stop in and see these fabulous ladies. You will not only leave with a gorgeous gown, but a sweet new set of friends.


Rebecca Hassee -

Just seeing this blog post – so gorgeous and beautiful! LOVE all the details in the dresses and your hilarious antler photos!

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