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Sara & Clay Lake Martin Wedding

0014004500010008002000590094009501130116011901660168017801960212028202870322032403260329033603740377039204050410041204610427046404650490056606350638070907810794081608250826083308350840084408790884092809650984095709851004105410891124114411541221115712301232What a joy to celebrate this sweet marriage with Sara & Clay. From the moment I met Sara at our initial meeting I knew that I would love her & Clay dearly.  I loved working with AK Brides on this wedding. She pays such close attention to her clients and always make sure they are well taken care of. Sara & Clay, I look forward to many years of following your love story and appreciate you trusting me with your wedding day images. You can also find their wedding in Alabama Weddings Magazine this year as well as a few  other upcoming publications.