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Gibson Island Wedding ~ Hurricane Irene ~ Stacy Richardson Photography

Meggy and Alex were married on Gibson Island in Maryland.  If you have never been to been to Gibson Island you must check in out here.  Unfortunately, there was a uninvited wedding crasher the day of their wedding named Hurricane Irene.   You would never had know there was a full blow Catagory 4 hurricane occuring during their special day because inside things were going along perfectly, just as any other wedding day.  It was only when you went outside that you could see and feel the storm taking its course on the Island.  Meggy and her friends and family got ready in a small beach house right on the water, it was perfect for getting ready.  It was so homey and warm. We then headed over to the church that was built in 1923 right on the water. I walked in and prayed “Lord please protect each and ever guest as we prepare to celebrate this marriage” It was that kind of scary.  The ceremony was getting ready to start but just as she prepared to walk down the isle the power went out and their was one faithful candle guiding her way to her groom.  Her friends and family started humming the bridal march as she made her way down the isle with her dad. I thought it was so sweet of their friends and family to be so thoughtful. I love the shot I captured of her and her Dad walking down the isle in the dark.  Once the ceremony was over the bus was loaded up and everyone headed back to the club house for the reception.  I thought to myself, how will they keep the food warm? how will the band play? But that did not stop the party, the band sang acapella and the food was delightful. I am highly impressed with the staff at the clubhouse.  Just as their first dance was starting the weather started to get really bad, there was talk of the roads being closed and that power lines were down.  That was it, the word had come we were trapped on the island and would probably be spending the night. As you can imagine a mommy of 2 small children I was sad I couldn’t be with my girls as they weathered the storm back home, but thankful that they were kept safe. You can read more about the wedding here on Meggy’s fathers blog. We are so thankful to a sweet family that lived on the Island for housing us and allowing us a warm ned to sleep in.   We will be forever Grateful. Even though the storms raged outside, this wedding was still a union of 2 people who were completely in love.  Enjoy a few favorites from their crazy yet still beautiful day.

Here is a photo of the clubhouse the morning after.