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Eastern Shore Wedding Photography ~ Stacy Richardson Photography

Amy and Trevor had the most amazing wedding day on the Eastern Shore.  I say amazing, simply because nothing could stop them from being completely in love with each other and committing the rest of their lives to each other. The setting was perfect, an outdoor ceremony planned right on the water.  The weather… well…it was the weather.  The forecast called for thunderstorms at 6:30 and the clouds started rolling in at 5:30.  The call needed to be made to move the ceremony inside or not.  Amy said she would do whatever Trevor wanted, Trevor of course said he would do whatever Amy wanted.   A good family friend came into Amy’s room and said “look, most of your guests are here, why wait lets go get married where you have always dreamed of getting married, right out there on that water.”  So as the final guests filled in, the bumped the ceremony up, clouds rolled in but as everyone prayed for the storm to hold off and  IT DID!  The wind was howling, but the by the looks on Trevor and Amy’s face you would have never known.  The looked at each other and it was as if no one else was there.  It was a moment in time for the two of them regardless of what was going on around and above them.  They had a beautiful heartfelt ceremony and we were able to take many photographs of them before it started to rain.  Thankfully we were able to contact a few photographers in Lincolnshire who helped us get the shots uou will be seeing below. The moment we finished their pictures, it’s as if God was holding the rain back by the hand and as soon we stepped foot in the building, he let go and it poured.  I was so thankful to be a part of their beautiful day and wish them all the best in their lifelong marriage!