Abigail Kate

I love this shot cause I feel like it shows the detail of her face. I feel like there will be a time when I will look at this photo with my old withered hands and reach out as if to touch the softness of her face. For now I will enjoy her while she is still this age. Isn’t photography a beautiful thing!

Erin, because you asked…shooting details: Nikon D300. 50mm 1.4 lens @ f2.2, 1/640. ISO 800. Natural window light.


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  • MOM

    She is looking so beautiful!!! What lovely children you have. I am anxious to see you all in April.

  • Lisa

    My goodness….I can even smell her sweet little self with this one. She’s beautiful. I LOVE THIS SHOT!

  • thanks mom and lisa, you are my faithful comments fans! Love ya! Wouldn’t that be cool if we could capture their smells….

  • erin

    can you give your shooting details 🙂 … learning minds want to know.

  • Lisa

    Maybe not all of the smells…

  • admin

    erin- i posted them for you up top!

  • erin

    amazing what shutter speed can do for you…. 🙂 thanks teach!