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Hi My name is Stacy and thank you for stopping by my website!

Let me explain a little bit about my documentary-style photography and a little bit about me.

My love and passion for photography started when I was a senior in high school when I recieved my first camera as a

graduation gift from my father.  My Dad was (and continues to be) a photographer and so my love and passion stems from learning from the best.

As a wedding photojournalist, I will cover your day to the fullest highlighting the people, places, details and events of your day.

By emphasizing this documentary style, my photographs capture the story and emotion of your entire day, in addition to some selected posed highlights.

Other than when posing traditional portraits, I will remain as unobtrusive as possible.

I want to document your day with a minimal amount of  interfering and influencing the images.

I consider your day to be very special and unique. My job and service to you will not be taken lightly.

Each wedding holds tells a unique story and my joy is to capture that for you and your family.



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  • Charlotte Ramsey Cole

    Stacy you are an incredible teacher and I have reounded up a lot of folks here in NapTown who would like to take a workshop as I’d like to take another!

  • Kirt Benedict

    I absolutely love this! Especially your unobtrusive way of taking photos. The “posed” ones are quite boring. At my sisters wedding we have this really annoying photographer and she was always in the way. We just wanted to dance.