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Oak Hollow Farms Wedding ~ Fairhope Alabama ~ stacy richardson photography

They started their relationship just as friends and Jeane  dreaming with girlfriends about “who you see yourself marrying one day”. After a missions trip to Italy…

(JEANE) and after about three months of hanging out with mutual friends, it became very obvious that he had intentions to be more than just friends. Finally, in December 2010, he sat me down and explained that he had been interested in dating me for the previous five months.  There was just one problem: we both had a desire to go back to Italy as part of a missional team with Campus Crusade and, the organization’s policy is that dating couples are not allowed to be on the same missional team.  With that in mind, we had to figure out what to do next. It was so clear that we needed to pursue our relationship, but we were both also so sure that we were going back to Italy.  After talking through as many different options as possible, Rob was so gracious and sacrificial and decided he would stay in America while I could go back to Salerno just so we could date. , Fast forward through seven months of dating and I had to step onto a plane to head to a different continent without him.  There is no question it was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. After only being here in Salerno for a couple months, I wanted nothing more than to have him come visit me.  Like an answered prayer, my parents decided to come visit this December and invited Rob to come along

(ROB) had known that Jeane Carroll was the girl I would spend the rest of my life with and had already had an engagement ring for over two months.  With her parents offering to let me come along with them to see Jeane Carroll, there was no way that I could refuse.  I already had everything planned out for when I was going to propose to Jeane Carroll next March and could not wait to get back to Salerno to scope all of the potential proposal spots out.  Luckily (or unluckily), I found out when I asked for time off from work to visit Jeane Carroll this December that I probably would not be able to fly to Salerno in the Spring.  Within a matter of days, I made up my mind that I would ask Jeane Carroll to marry me when I visited in December with her parents.  After talking to her father, the plan was set to propose to her on her birthday, December 4.  We were arriving in Salerno on December 3rd, and I knew exactly where and when I was going to do it.  Again, there was only one problem; I then had to sit on a plane for over ten hours with an engagement ring in my pocket. Instead of sleeping on the plane, I spent the entire flight thinking how truly blessed I was to marry my best friend. Sometime during hour seven of this, somewhere over Holland to be exact, I decided that I could not stand to wait any longer.  It had been almost three months since I had seen Jeane Carroll.  There was nothing more I wanted to do the second I saw her than to tell her I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her.  As soon as we got to Salerno, I could not wait to get off by ourselves so I could finally stop trying to hide the ring.

Moments after he arrived in Italy he could wait no longer and asked her to marry her out on the terrace in Italy and she obviously said YES! (photo above was taken right after she said yes)


I absolutely loved photographing this wedding at Oak Hollow Farms. What a beautiful setting for a sweet southern wedding. Jeane Carroll & Rob were amazing to photograph.

Stacy Hansen Richardson -

Jeane Carroll Shillito and Rob Shillito are on the blog!

Jeane Carroll Shillito -

LOVE IT!!!!!

Stacy Hansen Richardson -

I LOVE Y’all!

Robin Brookshire -

You are the best of the best Stacy..We were blessed by having you share our day through your incredible talent.

Candace Mauerhan Veitas -

so pretty! They look super happy :)

Mamun Sultan Nur -

love li picture.

Jubilee Flowers -

Your photography is gorgeous! Thank you for getting such incredible shots of the flowers :)

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Birmingham Engagement Session ~ Jake & Abby ~ stacy richardson photography

I was so excited to photograph Jake and Abby’s engagement photos.  I first met Jake and Abby on the evening they were engaged in her backyard. Jake decorated her entire back yard with candle, lights and lanterns.  It was magical.  She had no idea. Jake knew how impportant photographs were to Abby  so he made sure there was a photographer there.  I was thrilled to be there the evening she said yes.  It was magical.  I will be blogging that session too! Jake and Abby have a great love story and I loved hearing all about how they met. Please enjoy a few favorites from our time together.

Camille Beasley -

beautiful, beautiful!

Kara Thewlies Tippetts -


Georganne Hansen -

Live these….beautiful couple, wonderful photos!

Stacy Hansen Richardson -

Thank you @[27430648:2048:Camille Beasley]

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USNA Wedding ~ stacy richardson photography ~ Alabama Wedding Photographer

Oh my goodness when I met Caitlin, her mom, sister and best friend over coffee back in 2012 I knew we were going to have a sweet time at this wedding.  Caitlin has a dear sister and as I was asking them about how the dress fitting went we all started to cry. Literally we are all tearing up and we just met.  I am crying because mom is crying and sister starts to cry because it’s all hitting her that her sister is getting married.  We were a MESS.  If they did not hire me at the meeting I was going to have to ask them if I could still come to the wedding because I absolutely loved this family from the moment I met them.   Caitlin and Blake were married at the USNA and it was an absolutely gorgeous wedding.  Thank you for trusting me with your memories. Love to you both.

Stela Thompson -

Wonderful photography and beautiful couple. It is like looking through a wedding magazine. May this special day be fondly remembered and may you always look at each other with the same love and admiration. Best of luck.

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Fairhope Wedding ~ Alabama Wedding Photographer ~ Stacy Richardson

Jubilee Flowers -

These are just breath taking Stacy! You truly captured the essence of that glorious day in October :)

Jubilee Flowers -

Oh..and not to mention, I absolutely LOVE that photo of Mary’s bouquet! I worked very hard on its creation…wanted it to be perfect for Mary!

Gina Lanaux -

It was perfect !!

Rebecca Hassee -

What a beautiful wedding! Such a precious couple and beautiful details!

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Kent Manor Inn Wedding ~ stacy richardson photography

Ok so I absolutely love it when I have clients who are  into photography.  Colton is  a huge photography buff so I knew that this wedding was going to be off the hook. So I get there and head up to the grooms room where the guys were getting ready and first thing Colton starts to do is TALK SHOP.  He cracks me up and you can see by just the few images I have posted he has a great personality and Ellen is perfect for him, she has the best laugh (which most of the time she is laughing at him).  This was one of the first images I took of the day and I took his lens and put it on my camera. The day was absolutely perfect and I was so glad I was able to be a part of their day.

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